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Our Team

Spirited Ladies

We've built the 'girlband' of your dog's dreams! Take a look below to meet our trainers and find out more about each of them, their passions and what brought them to SpiritedDog!


Lauren Parker

Owner, Behaviour Specialist & Head Trainer

Certification & Experience Highlights:

  • 10+ Years Industry Experience

  • IMDT Mentorship Programme

  • IMDT PTSD Dogs

  • IMDT Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation

  • IMDT Psychopharmacology and Behaviour

  • IMDTB Separation Anxiety

  • IMDT Injecting Fun Into Classes

  • IMDT Career As A Dog Trainer

  • IMDT Body Language

  • Canine Principles student

  • 2+ years of physical gundog training (earning multiple certificates)

  • 1x shoot season completed

  • Ladies Working Dog Group student

  • & multiple webinar certificates.

Where You'll Find Her:

- Behaviour Support Visits -  Training 1-1s - Reactivity 1:1s -

- Sport 1:1s - Gundog Classes - Scent Detection Classes - Clubs -

- Running The Business -

Accreditations & Memberships:

A Bit About Lauren

"It's definitely not been all about the business and education on my end. Its been about my dogs quality of life and their happiness. Kayto was broken when I brought him home and all I could think of was creating a safe environment for this dog to show his true personality and trust in me, so he can enjoy his life. So I focused on his needs, such as running in harness, bikejoring and having well managed interactions with other dogs so he could play. It was all about him.

Then fast forward to bringing Bucky home and it's been all about Gundog work for him since he was 12 weeks old! He absolutely thrived on retrieving and working with me, so we took the training as far as he was happy to go with it. Needless to say we're still on the journey. I've learned a lot along the way in training of the sport and how I want the working relationship with my dog to be. It's not been a smooth ride and we've both suffered frustration in certain areas but right now we are a tight team and I am proud of my hard worker.

Above all, everything is about ensuring my dogs feel content in life and know they can communicate with me......and I'll listen!"


Hollie McAuley-Jones

IMDT Accredited Instructor, TCSD Ambassador

Certification & Experience Highlights:

  • BSc in Zoology

  • MSc in Wildlife Management & Conservation

  • CoE Animal Assisted Therapy Diploma

  • TCSD Ambassador & Instructor

  • TCSD Scent Detection Dog Handler

  • Therapy Dog Training UK - Trusted Trainer

  • IMDT Easy Peasy Puppy Instructor

  • IMDT Canine Body Language

  • IMDT Perfect Puppy

  • IMDT Career As A Dog Trainer

  • & multiple webinar certificates.

Where You'll Find Her:

- Behaviour Support Visits - 1:1 Training - Workshops -

- Clubs - Running Her Own Business -

Accreditations & Memberships: