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Our Story

Lauren's Journey

The Birth Of SpiritedDog


I started my training journey in 2011, whilst working as a dog walker and for my family's dog care business, K9 Kindergarten, and having previously volunteered for long periods of time at both Wingham Wildlife Park and Howletts Zoo in the carnivore sections. I was inspired to grow my knowledge and it was around this time that I discovered the IMDT and their courses. I launched myself into seminars and every learning opportunity I could, joining their Mentorship scheme and studying under Steve Mann himself.

My dogs are the heart of my business...

In 2014 I adopted Kayto, an incredibly anxious Siberian Husky rescue. Becoming his owner and guardian was a big learning curve, but one that has only gone on to strengthen my passion and drive for helping dogs - and their owners! Because of this, on the 1st of August 2016, SpiritedDog Training&Behaviour was born! We brought home Bucky, our flat-coated retriever, in 2021 and once again undertook the huge learning adventure that is owning a pet gundog. I can proudly say we have been growing and furthering ourselves together ever since!

How We've Grown

Always Learning, Always Evolving


Over the last year we've seen the business expand through client enquiries and bookings and therefore made the leap to taking on some amazing training assistants and a new training instructor. With this amazing small team, we have now been able to also expand the amount of classes, sports and general services we offer, such as Treibball, Tracking in further levels and our brand new Trick classes. All the team are extremely passionate in adding to their education and personal CPD with training and behavioural work, which means we're looking at constantly bettering the business for you, our clients!

We are all dog owners too, so it's not just work, it's a passion!

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