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Our Mission

At SpiritedDog, we believe strongly in building the bond and relationship between owners and dogs, helping you to work as partners both in training and in everyday life. This is why we firmly believe in using positive reinforcement in our training. Our main passion is helping owners to enrich their dogs' lives through providing safe, fun outlets for natural behaviours and instincts, all while helping to hone and shape their skills and aiding them in gaining their confidence, no matter their age or breed.​ We want to work with your dog and get to know their character, their quirks and their habits - everything that makes them spirited! Whether they're quiet, bouncy, goofy or grumpy, we love a spirited dog!​

Why Choose Us?

As Dog Owners ourselves, we know how important it is to find the right trainer, who will treat your dog with the love and respect they deserve. Take a look below at all the reasons why you should choose SpiritedDog:

We like to focus on the fun here at SpiritedDog, both for dogs and their guardians. We strive to put the enjoyment back into your dog training so that it doesn't feel like a chore!

Our training hub is located in a privately owned woodland setting, with secure indoor and outdoor training spaces, an onsite toilet and plenty of parking for clients.

Our Training Instructors are fully qualified professionals who are passionate about continuing their own learning. There is rarely a time when they are not seeking to expand their knowledge!

Our passion lies in building strong bonds and trusting relationships between dogs and their owners, helping to get you working in harmony together and enjoying the company of your dog.

We pride ourselves on being reward based trainers and will never use aversive tools or methods with your dog. All of our staff members subscribe to a strong ethical code of conduct!

We believe in looking into your dog's specific needs and creating outlets or jobs for them, to help enrich them and help them to be engaged with you as a guardian.

What We Offer

We have a whole range of training & behaviour options to choose from here at SpiritedDog. If we're coming to you, we work within the catchment area of Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay and Faversham, however, if you're coming to us we welcome clients from all over Kent. Take a look below at what we can offer you and click the links to find out more!

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