I have a very demanding 5 year old Dalmatian and have been coming to K9 training for more than 4 years. I have tried over 5 trainers, all with varying training methods and Lauren is by far the best. Lauren encourages my dog  (and me) using positive training methods, nothing phases her and she adapts training to suit your dog's (and family's) individual needs and as they develop and go through different life phases. I couldn't recommend her enough.

Leonora & Heathicliff

Having tried several trainers we were at our wits end how to make our wilful standard poodle, Dylan, listen to ensure his safety and to become a polite member of the dog world. Lauren, as a behaviourist, helped us to understand how to work with our boy, making training/learning fun for all of us! She helped us understand how to form a bond with him & make a winning partnership. We now get complemented on how calm & well behaved he is. More importantly Lauren loves dogs & is great with their owners. In fact our discerning boys loves her too & he is very fussy! He/we have had the best time doing agility, scent work and tracking training. Plus a 1:1 to help with a specific issue he had. We have a new puppy and have started early with Lauren and it is paying off. If you want someone who will help you see  how fabulous your dog is, & empower you to believe you can work as a team for the most fulfilling dog/human relationship then Lauren, at SpiritedDog Training & Behaviour, Kent, is the place to go.

Kay & Dylan+Kinsey

"I was told by a reputable dog training school it would be almost impossible to train my dog as I'm in a wheelchair and this would scare her. I came across Lauren and decided to give it one last try.... I'm so glad I did. Lauren tailored the training to both mine and my dogs needs, she was flexible, patient and understanding. I now have a happy, well-behaved dog who loves going out, is great on and off the lead and even jumps up onto my lap when I'm in my wheelchair to let me put her lead on. We couldn't be happier and its all thanks to Lauren!"

Paula & Audrey

I can’t recommend Lauren and her training, for dogs and their humans, highly enough. My flat coated retriever Billy and I have been coming to her classes since he was a pup and we have attended just about every class Lauren runs from obedience and scent training to agility and paddleboarding (not together!). We both love every moment and have had so much fun, and made so much progress, with Lauren and all the other dogs and their owners that I don’t think we will ever stop coming to her training especially as she keeps adding new and interesting classes all the time. I always think dog training is as much about training us owners as it is the dogs and Lauren has a lovely manner which instantly puts owners, and therefore their dogs, at complete ease. We have had the odd wobble over the last 3 years but thanks Lauren’s skill and patience in training Billy and I we have got through them and I now have a beautifully behaved young dog ….. most of the time!

Sue & Billy