In the year 2020 has taught us anything, its that we can't be limited to a certain way of doing things.

Now more than ever there are hundreds of enrichment games, training videos and video calls dedicated to the wellbeing of our dogs. We've simply decided to join them all!

I am currently in the middle of filming home videos of training classes for my Bronze and Silver course and will be expanding this to many other of our classes too. As well as online classes I am booking in video 1:1's and consultations. I do not need to be in your home to help with your behavioural issues, I do not need to experience your dogs reactions to help you. With 10 years experience in this field I have the qualifications and know how to give you all the advice you need and refer you to training aids, tools and dietary requirements that will compliment your behaviour modification. I can demonstrate to you with my own dog what I'd like you to do and I'll keep up to date with your progress through follow up calls and videos you take and send to me.

It can be done :)